Easy access showings is a major key to selling your home fast in Roseburg.

Simply put, we can’t sell them the house from the street, and in 20-something years, I have never sold a house without showing the inside. They must come through the door.

In other words, we need easy access to show buyers at a time that works for them.

It is not uncommon to have buyers drive through town and want to see a few homes before they hit the road. It is also not uncommon for local buyers to ask for a showing with short or no notice. 

So it’s on you, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, do you want to sell your home fast? If so, easy access showings is a key.

When you get to the point where you finally pull the trigger and list your Roseburg home for sale, one important factor that shouldn’t be overlooked is access.

3 ways To create easy access showings.

  1. Lockbox. Probably the most obvious is allowing a lockbox for easy access. Placing a lockbox on the door allows other real estate agents to show buyers at a time that is convenient for them, even if the owner is not at home. Relax, our lockboxes keep a record of visitors who come through your home, so it’s a safe and secure way to allow easy access for buyers.
  2. No Answer – Go Show. The next level of creating easy access is the showing instructions. I recommend sellers keep their home “show ready” at all times (as much as possible), and allow showings with short or even no notice. It is not unreasonable to expect a phone call or text from a buyer’s agent before they go show, but I suggest allowing showings if you miss the call, or don’t answer the phone.
  3. Appointment Only. If you want the best chance of selling your home fast, I would trash the idea of appointment only showings. Although it may be more comfortable for you, many buyers are only available at select times, and don’t have the convenience of scheduling a day or two in advance. We don’t want to miss out on the right buyer just because the timing doesn’t work.

Bottom Line

If you’re serious about selling your home fast, you need to be willing to do what it takes to make that happen. Easy access showings is not the only key to selling a house, but it is an import one to consider… especially if you desire a quicker home sale. 

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