You would think that the Roseburg listing inventory would be at it’s lowest point during the busy summer months. You might also think that you can sell for top dollar in spring right?

That all makes sense… more buyers and sellers during those months. You would think that all those motivated buyers would run the listing inventory down and drive home prices up. But what we’re seeing these early days of winter are pretty interesting.

Roseburg Listing Inventory Down And Prices Up

The Roseburg listing inventory is reportedly at 3.4 months! To put that in perspective, a balanced market is at about 6 months inventory. 

Roseburg Listing Inventory

A balanced real estate market means that we have about the right number of buyers for the number of homes on the market.

Over the past 12 months, the average home selling price is up 6.2% from $198,200 to $210,500 in the Roseburg and Douglas County area. 

Another factor driving listing inventory down is the historically low mortgage interest rates. Mortgage rates have hovered between 3-4% all of 2017, which is enough to compel those “on the fence” home buyers into the market. 

The demand for housing, both sales and rentals remain incredibly high in Douglas County. That means we have a plentiful number of home buyers, but an unhealthy lack of available homes.

Sell For Tip Dollar Now

The market I described above sort of creates the perfect storm for a home seller who wants to sell for top dollar.

It’s all about supply and demand. The listing inventory levels are at historic low, interest rates are at a historic low, and we have a large number of motivated buyers who are eager to buy a home… even in these cloudy, cold winter months.

Bottom Line

This seller’s market won’t stick around forever. If you are planning on selling your home in the next 24 months, do it now.

With the low Roseburg listing inventory, you have a perfect scenario to sell for top dollar, and get a quicker sale.

My advice? Do it now.

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