Looking to buy a house? Don’t do anything until you learn about the Keller Mortgage no cost no fee mortgage, now available in Roseburg OR.

But there is a catch, the Keller Mortgage ZeroPLUS mortgage is offered exclusively to Keller Williams Realty clients. Just another reason to list or buy your next home with KW.

Get the app, get preapproved. Just text “kw2y02tdb” to 87778. Go questions? Just ask.

Benefits Of A No Cost No Fee Mortgage

It is not an uncommon thing for Roseburg home buyers to be somewhat pinched for cash. The Keller Mortgage no cost no fee mortgage can help you.

Got money in the bank and not worried about closing costs? Great, but why would you pay 2, 3, or 4% to get a home loan when you no longer have to.

Benefit #1.

Without a Keller Mortgage ZeroPLUS mortgage, you typically have two choices in regards to paying buyer’s closing costs.

  1. Buyer pays roughly 3% of the purchase price for closing costs and prepaid fees. ($6,000 on a $200,000 mortgage)
  2. Buyer asks the seller to pay the buyer’s closing costs and prepaids, usually up to 3%.

In scenario #1, the buyer is out roughly $6,000. In scenario #2, the seller is out the $6,000. Either way, YOU STILL PAY. 

When the seller pays the buyer’s closing costs and fees, there is usually less price negotiation, which means you are really financing your closing costs into the loan.

Now check This Out!

With the Keller no cost no fee mortgage, you will not only save the closing costs, but you’ll actually gain more power to negotiate the price and win the deal! This can be very beneficial in this hot seller’s market. Here’s why…

Think about it, as a home seller, would you be more willing to negotiate the price downward for a buyer who needs you to pay an additional $6,000+ for buyer costs and fees, or for a buyer who is asking for $0 credit? Duh, right?

As a listing broker, I can tell you, I have NEVER met a seller who is overly excited about paying the buyer’s loan costs and fees. It just doesn’t happen.

Benefit #2.

Get $1,000 Additional Closing Credit! Use the additional lender credit of $1,000 to pay for other third-party fees like inspections, appraisal, etc.

Benefit #3.

Because of the ultra slim margins, Keller Mortgage offers hard to beat low rates.

So, let’s recap

  • Pre-Approval, not just pre-qualification.
  • No cost, no fees.
  • Low rate.
  • More negotiation power.
  • $1,000 additional lender credit at close.

All, just for choosing to work with a Keller Williams broker.

Let’s Find You A House!

As I mentioned above, to take advantage of the Keller Mortgage ZeroPLUS mortgage in Roseburg OR, you must be working with a Keller Williams broker, either on the buying or listing side.

I have been a licensed real estate broker for the past 20-something years, and the Keller Mortgage no cost no fee mortgage is hands down, the absolute best mortgage offer I have seen to date.

Get preapproved, and let’s find you a house!

Just text “kw2y02tdb” to 87778, or email me here.

I’ll be ready when you are.


“I shopped around at several of the big players in the mortgage market, but found Keller Mortgage to have the best rates/fees and the most transparency.”
– Hunter LeDonne

“We received quotes from our bank, a few different credit unions, and also Keller Mortgage. Keller Mortgage offered the best rate and closing costs, of all options, and their customer service has been fantastic. Using Keller Mortgage has been a huge win-win for my family, and I would be proud to recommend their services to anyone interested in buying a home.
– Adam Hughes

Troy Schuyler is a licensed real estate broker at Keller Williams Umpqua Valley in Roseburg OR.