How Listing Photos Impact The Sale of Your Home In Roseburg

Listing Photos

Presentation… does it matter? With all the bad listing photos out there, you wouldn’t think the quality of your videos and listing photos impact the sale of your home in Roseburg, but they do. There was a time when you or your real estate agent would snap a few quick listing photos with a cheap disposable camera, being careful to finish before the battery died…

And that was good enough… for then, but not for today.

With the demand for better presentation on this thing called the internet, new technology emerged with some pretty amazing cameras with much better image quality and battery life.  So So, photography and presentation… yes it matters very much.

Did you know that nearly 90% of today’s home buyers go online to search for homes and real estate listings? Listing photos are a start, but not crappy photos with bad lighting or blurry images – quality photos – are now critical.

Listing photos impact the sale of your home in Roseburg in several key areas… and don’t skimp out on the videos and drone shots/video too: whether it sells at all, how quickly it sells, and the selling price.

The Truth About Listing Photos

In a recent study, NAR, the National Association of Realtors said that 89% of today’s buyers who searched for homes online reported photos as the most useful feature on the listing sites they visited. The catch? Those listing photos absolutely must be top quality.

Interestingly enough, bad-quality photos also play a major role in buyer activity… in a negative way. Bad photos are one of the main reasons that buyers scroll on by a listing – they are an instant turn-off.

So if you don’t use a professional photographer (which is advised in most cases) and take the photos yourself, then you at least need to make sure it’s DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) photography and you know how to use it.

Ask me about my professional photography package.

Another interesting fact is that home sellers who choose to have professional photos done with min. DLSR cameras tend to sell in a shorter time frame. This is based on a six-month listing term.

To break this down, for example, 64% of homes in the $4000,000-$500,000 range sell in less time with DLSR photos, but only 46% of homes with point-and-shoot photos sell within the same six-month period. For high-end, luxury homes in the $1,000,000+ range, those percentages are a little different but work out to 35% and 30%.

Don’t underestimate the importance of digital video and virtual and video tours! With the invention of quality digital photography equipment and the rise of more sophisticated online platforms, virtual and video tours have become essential tools to help in the sale of your home in Roseburg, OR.

Simply put virtual reality, virtual tours, and video walk-through tours allow real estate agents to better serve their clients, however not all agents use much or any video, let alone professional photography.

Digital images are perfect for a quick, professional showcasing of a home’s features, and virtual and video tours are great for buyers searching for homes from longer distances.

I love shooting video walk-through tours because it allows me to explain upgrades and special features abot the home that are impossible to explain with photos alone.

So, if you want a quicker sale, it pays to budget in for professional DSLR listing photos when selling your home. The right presentation will generate more interest in your property, it’s just that important.

Listing Photos For A Quicker Sale

Does a quicker sale sound good? Well, another way photos impact the sale of your home is exactly that. As I mentioned, listings that have professional photography are more likely to sell in a faster time frame, and for a better price than listings with less desirable photography.

Since a majority of buyers start their home search online, presentation is now a super important part of the home-buying and selling process, and homes with quality online listing photos and videos just sell faster on average.

Check out these statistics   Here’s some statistical proof regarding the quicker sale of homes with quality photos as against those with poor photos:

  • $400,000 homes sell three weeks sooner
  • $1,000,000 homes sell four days faster

Bottom line, good photos get buyers to stay on your listing page longer and the video tour typically gets buyers to stay on even longer and increases your chances that the viewer will request a showing. The presentation gives them a pretty good idea of what the home is like.

Quality Listing Photos for More Money

It’s a given that listing photos impact the sale of your home in Roseburg, and clear, sharp photos have the greatest impact. The sharpness quality can be achieved by using a good camera, a good wide-angle lens, and good photo editing software like Lightroom.

Whether you’re photographing a beautiful kitchen, a great room, or the front of the house, the cleanest photos get the best results. Skimping on photos can directly impact your final selling price.

Budget for high quality photography. You’ll be glad you did.

According to another real estate study, homes with the sharpest photos (in the top 10%) sold at or above the list price 44% of the time while homes with photos of just average sharpness sold at or above the list price only 13% of the time.

That means you have a pretty decent chance of getting top dollar when you sell your house with professional photos… And it is more likely that you won’t get those results with lower-quality photos.

So do your listing photos impact the sale of your home in Roseburg? You bet they do. Quality photos can help you sell it faster and at a better price. But you still have to know what to do with those clear, sharp photos once you have them. You have to know the best online venues where they will have the most sales impact.

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