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“We highly recommend using Troy Schuyler as your real estate agent representative. Troy sold our house and the entire process was positive, productive, and efficient. Troy had a great marketing strategy and advertised our house well.

We had tenants living in the home we were selling and Troy was excellent at working with them. He respectfully communicated through every step of the process with them and they always had great things to say about Troy and how he managed the process.

We immediately had offers on our house and Troy helped to keep the escrow process going smoothly. This was extremely helpful for us because we no longer lived in Roseburg. Troy was always there to help get inspections, appraisals, repairs, etc. scheduled as well as getting people access to our house. He also had great recommendations for maintenance and contractors for us to use for repairs.

Troy is a hardworking, ethical, trustworthy, and knowledgeable agent.”

Josh and Katie

88% of buyers purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker

– National Association of Realtors

Sell Your Roseburg House Fast, With No Hassle, And Put More Money In Your Pocket.

Selling your house is a big decision… should you sell your house or wait… And, if you’re like most sellers, you’re probably thinking something like…

“I’m busy… how can I sell my house with as little of my time as possible, put the most money in my pocket, and have no hassles along the way?

Hands down, the #1 most common question I get right off the bat when meeting with home-selling clients for the first time (and understandably so) is…  “What is my property actually worth?”  (HINT: it’s not usually what Zillow say’s it’s worth)

The mistake I see many home sellers make when they start thinking about selling their house is they jump online and find some automated home value system that spits out a value instantly without adjusting the comparables.

This can obviously lead a seller to believe their home is worth much more – or less than it really is. So, if you want to sell your house, only use automated values as a ballpark or starting place and not as your source for a solid value.

Then, the second most common question I get from home sellers… “When is the best time to sell a house?” You’ve heard it said that spring is the absolute best time to sell, but is it? Sure, warmer weather and springtime flowers make everything look beautiful, and yes, the real estate market typically surges in the warmer months…

But, the more important question you should be asking, regardless of the season is… “What is the real estate market condition like right now for people home selling?” Seasoned real estate professionals should be able to answer this question truthfully based on market data, not their need for a commission.

We’ve helped many many local Roseburg area families sell their house fast, with less hassle, for higher prices.. and we’d love the opportunity to interview for the job of selling your house too. (We do commercial, farms/ranch, and luxury real estate too.)

How We Put More Money In Your Pocket. Not Ours.

Every time the real estate market booms, we see a ton of new agents flood into the business. I have been selling real estate in Douglas County since 1994 and I’ve seen it over and over.

And, it seems like everyone knows someone in real estate these days, and although any one of our local Roseburg real estate brokers can list your house, not all should. Some are better off serving home buyers, and others just aren’t cut out for the tasks involved in listing and marketing the property.

If your goal is to sell your house for top dollar with fewer hassles, it takes more than just listing a house, entering it into the MLS, and pounding a sign in the yard. This is where I and my team are different. We ask questions and listen to the needs of our clients, and then put together a marketing strategy to achieve the seller’s goals.

Pricing and Exposure are key! If we price your property correctly and can get it in front of the right buyers, at the right times, with the right marketing message and presentation… your chances of selling faster for a higher price increase in big ways!

Selling Your Roseburg Home Should Be Done Fast, Free Of Hassles, And Put The Most Money In Your Pocket.

Troy Schuyler

We don’t cut corners on marketing, including our professional photography package, which includes HD interior and exterior photos, 3D photos, floor plans, guided tours, video walk-through tours, drone videos, and more.

We sell your Roseburg area house fast and charge a reasonable commission. I know you’ll be happy with the presentation.

Here’s how it works… 

  • We’ll look at your property and provide you with a FREE Home Value Report
  • We’ll recommend a target “sale price” and describe our plan to sell it at that price quickly. We’re 100% transparent, so ask us any questions you have! (Ask me about the benefits of bench pricing)
  • Flexible Listing Agreement: Pay a fair commission
  • Live Your Life: We take care of 100% of the details from listing to “Sold!” so you can live your life while we work hard to sell your house fast
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Cancel Anytime. If you are unhappy with my service at any time, you can fire me.

Our Experience Saves You Time, Money, and Stress In Selling Your Roseburg House Quickly

We’ve all seen homes listed and sit on the market week after week and month after month. When a property sits on the market too long it can lose its appeal to buyers. We call this “going stale on the market.”

It costs you money every month that the home goes unsold. Over the years, I’ve heard dozens of stories from sellers, of them trying to sell their house themselves or list with a less experienced Roseburg real estate broker only to end up working with me months later after the listing expires.

We are good at what we do, our marketing plan works, and our experience on your side helps reduce the average days on market and avoid common pitfalls. This saves you time, and money, and gets you on with your life faster.

If you are in a position where an even faster – hassle-free sale is required, check out the option of selling direct.

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