Note Buying in Roseburg: The Niche Strategy You Should Know About!

Even beginners can take their first step into the world of real estate investing through the reasonably easy to open door that notes offer. Do not overlook the opportunities that note buying offers investors for diversification to achieve a well-balanced portfolio. Notes or promissory notes in real estate are, in essence, an IOU to the … Continued

In this Crazy Roseburg Real Estate Market, Should You Buy Now or Wait?

Pretty much the same conditions obtain across the country in most real estate markets right now: low inventory, high demand, rising prices, and near historically low interest rates. Bidding wars and competing all-cash offers are fairly common now. That’s a crazy combination, so it’s just not that easy to determine whether now is the right … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a House Now in Roseburg!

With rising prices and dwindling inventory and frequent bidding wars, you might think right now isn’t a good time to buy a house. But it very well maybe. Despite all the intimidating real estate market news, there are still some encouraging things going on. Interest rates, for example, are still very low, and there’s actually … Continued

6 Ways to Stage Your Roseburg House on a Budget

Staging is a species of visual merchandising that draws on the principles of interior design. And you need to do it because it works. Numerous studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and at better prices than those that haven’t been staged. But professional staging is out of financial reach for many sellers. If … Continued

5 Ways to Utilize Color When Selling Your House in Roseburg

Painting your house in bright, bold, brash colors is fine for you – you’re the one who lives there. But it’s a different matter entirely when it comes to selling your house. Your preferences then have to take a back seat to what buyers want. And what buyers prefer is neutral colors rather than bold … Continued