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Homeownership protects you from inflation

6 Ways Homeownership Helps Protect You From Inflation

In today’s economic landscape, rising inflation has become a major concern for most people and certainly for families. The ever-increasing cost of goods and services is no joke. But do you know how homeownership helps protect you from inflation? Due to the cost and the significant impact on all of our day-to-day lives, most renters … Continued
Roseburg OR

Is Roseburg Oregon Safe | Exploring Safety In Roseburg OR

When it comes to choosing a place to move, live in, or visit, safety is often a top concern for many people. In this article, I’ll delve into the topic of safety in Roseburg Oregon… specifically answering the question is Roseburg Oregon safe. A smallish city in southern Oregon, nicely nestled in the heart of … Continued
How To Time The Real Estate Market

How Do You Time The Real Estate Market?

So you want to know how to determine the best time to sell or buy a house? All buyers and sellers enter the market at the best time possible, so how do you time the real estate market? That’s like the million-dollar question in real estate. Is there a tool or key that will tell … Continued
Higher Mortgage Rates And Selling Your House

How Rising Mortgage Rates Affect You When Selling Your House

Are you thinking about selling your house and wondering how the higher mortgage rates might affect you as a seller? Well, you’re in the right place! Today, I’ll discuss a topic that could have a significant impact on your selling journey: rising interest rates. So grab a cup of jo and let’s talk about that… … Continued