How To Sell Your House When You Work From Home In Roseburg

As more people have begun working from home more and more, their “commute” has become a matter of steps in place of miles. When it comes time to sell your home, working from home bring up a unique set of complications. In order to assist you in making the sale of your home easier, here’s some advice on how to sell your house when you work from home in Roseburg.


The first and greatest tip for selling your home starts with getting serious about cleaning and decluttering. And since your home-space doubles as your workspace, this tip goes doubly for you.

Take whatever spare time you have to get into every nook and cranny around your home and clean it out. Declutter closets, storage areas, and home offices. A rule of thumb… get rid of about half of what is in there now and put it into another off-site storage area. Keyword = off-site.

The last thing for preparing to sell your house is depersonalizing the space. Take out any personal objects, such as keepsakes, photos, knickknacks,  and collections so the potential buyer and future owner can better envision what they would do with the room.


Where before you were looking at the big picture of your entire home, it’s equally as important to make sure you keep your workspace decluttered and under control. This can be hard for some of us.

A good way of looking at this is to keep only what you know you need to get your job done effectively. A good way to help keep supplies available that may not always be needed is to put them in a bag or small carry-on suitcase for easy transportation.


Sometimes the easiest way for you to keep your home and workspace clean will be to remove yourself from them entirely:) If you can, try working from a local business or even your RV or car, if necessary and possible. Trying to sell your house as a remote worker puts you in a strange situation that can require creative solutions.

By having everything ready to go in a bag, it makes taking the step out the door that much easier.

Another possibility is to discuss your current situation with your supervisor and see if it is possible to change up your workload temporarily, depending on your remote work situation. You might be pleasantly surprised how a manager is willing to work with their prized remote worker to make your life a little less hectic while also getting the job done on time.


Now that you have packed things up and done everything to make your work life as mobile as possible, it’s time to take get ready for showings.

Let us know about your remote work situation before we list so we can set up some parameters for showings. Real estate agents and buyers shouldn’t have a problem abiding by specific showing instructions. One big upside to remote work is that it will often give you the flexibility to create your own hours throughout the day.

Perhaps a potential buyer shows interest and wants to see your property on short notice. Going out of your way to pack up and hit the local office away from home for an hour or two could be a point that builds trust with the buyer and lets them know you’re serious about selling your home now.


With everything involved in selling a home, now might be a good opportunity to cash in some PTO to get everything sorted. It’s important for everyone to take time off now and then, and doing so when you’re up to your neck in trying to sell your house and possibly needing to adapt your schedule on the fly is a good time to make that happen.

Helping You Sell Your House in Roseburg

Your home and office may be all-in-one but that doesn’t have to stop you from listing your home. If you want some help as you sell your house in Roseburg, contact us today at 541-643-1131. We’re always here to help.

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