Tips for Selling Your Roseburg House During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Roseburg real estate market is surging right now, even in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic! The low mortgage interest rates right now are triggering real estate buyers to jump on new opportunities in a big way!

The problem is we don’t have enough inventory for the current level of buyer demand. If you are thinking about selling your house in the next 1-6 months, don’t let the virus stop you! Some experts are expecting a slow down in Q4 of 2020.

But what we do know is right now, buyers are buying, we don’t have enough homes on the market, and some sellers are still reluctant to list. It is a crazy time to be in real estate!

That said, here are some tips for selling your Roseburg house during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sell Directly

The easiest and fastest way to sell your Roseburg house during the Coronavirus Pandemic or any other time is to work with a direct buyer. Troy Schuyler and The Sky Team can help you look at all your options and facilitate the process, which may be much easier than working with most agents.

Our team both buys direct and works directly with investors. Although we usually list the property openly, in some situations the best option is to sell direct. We can help you make an informed decision on which is right for you. Go Here to learn more about our direct buy program.

Open Houses

If you are going to sell or have your house listed already and you are concerned about having people through your house, consider options to a traditional open house. Some experts say it is too risky to have multiple strangers from different households, possibly different cities or states coming into your home wandering about.

Of course, it is your choice and our team has precautions and steps we can take to host a virtual or traditional open house that suits your needs.

If you do have a traditional open house, you can have strict management of all of these guests and maybe only allow so many people in at a time, especially if you are at risk. With technology as great as it is, there are ways around the traditional open house, you will just need to be flexible and creative. Thankfully, we haven’t had much of an outbreak in Roseburg OR.

Create Virtual or Video Tours

I love shooting walk-through video tours of my listings! Although you do not need an open house, you do need a professional presentation. Once your house is photo-ready, go ahead and take a walking video tour of your home. Go slowly and try not to be too shaky or spin too quickly.

These videos can easily be uploaded and shared on multiple real estate advertising and video sites. As your real estate professional, we would shoot the video for you.

Video and virtual tours are a great alternative to traditional open houses. This will allow potential buyers to virtually walk through your home without actually setting foot in the home. You can also hire a professional videographer to take professional video, which will help you out even more when selling on your own. Keep in mind, with COVID 19, some of these services may not or no longer be operating. 


When you do receive inquiries from serious buyers, you will need to make sure to clean up and sanitize commonly touched surfaces including door handles, light switches, countertops, and any other features you would like the potential buyers to be able to try out.

I also suggest opening doors and cabinets and turning on lights before the buyer comes. During this time of the pandemic, it is completely acceptable to ask the buyer to try not to touch surfaces unnecessarily. However, there are some things you just have to touch, such as light switches and doorknobs, which is why I suggest the owner for pre-showing assistance.

Once the showing is over, you can sanitize all of those surfaces again, especially if you are susceptible to sickness. In this case, you really should consider being away when the buyer is viewing the house. Always assume the buyer touches typical surfaces. Even with our instruction and precaution, it’s a good idea to be aware and sanitize afterwards.

Use Technology

Whether you love it or hate it, technology can really help when buying or selling a home in Roseburg OR. In this day and age, it is perfectly acceptable to use video conferencing or phone conferencing instead of face to face meetings when discussing the terms of the sale of your home.

You can also use digital signature programs to negotiate the contract. This is our preferred method of signing. They even have mail-away closings available so you can have a fully contactless transaction. 

Take it Easy

Selling your home is a lot of work and stress under normal circumstances. During the coronavirus pandemic, selling your house is just a tad bit more stressful because of the extra cleaning and avoidance of contact you or the buyer might require.

Don’t be afraid to take the steps of selling your house at your own pace. Plan ahead for multiple showings and know it’s okay to say “no.” If you can only handle showings on 2, 3, or 4 days per week, we’ll deal with it… case by case to suite your needs.

Make videos and pictures of your home easily available to potential buyers and real estate professionals. I hope you found this article helpful as we navigate his unprecedented time in real estate. These tips should help you sell your Roseburg house during the coronavirus pandemic.

Call Troy Schuyler and The Sky Team today at 541-643-1131 or send us a message to discuss these and other tips for selling your house. We can discuss your technological options and best practices for minimizing contact with the buyers while still being available while negotiating the sale. 

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